Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Links 08/06/2011

Slide-out keyboard support on Windows Phone

WP7 Mango: Know about application lifecycle

Developers: New Screenshot Tool Now Available

Seven useful tips and tools for Windows Phone 7 developers

WP7Contrib – Bing Maps REST Service Wrappers

Elevated Trust in Silverlight 4
" Apply custom chrome;
Directly access selected directories on the file system;
Use COM Interop to open up a whole range of features, including;
Running windows applications;
Integrating with Microsoft Office products;
Access to the Windows Speech API.
Relaxed user consent on Clipboard, WebCam and Microphone access
Full Screen Keyboard support
Cross Domain network calls, without the requirement for a Client Access Policy. "

Silverlight, HTML5 & Windows 8 : Where we are heading to ?

WCF Extensibility – Custom Serialization in Silverlight

making the common things you have to do in every windows phone application, like persist application settings, use tasks/choosers, log/trace, threading/asynchronous development etc. testable.

The Sterling NoSQL Database in a Mango World

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