Friday, September 7, 2007

Daily Links - 7/9/2007

Continuous Integration For .NET 2.0 Development Environments: Downloadable Booklet

Top 10 Tips on Version Control for Small Agile Software Teams

JavaScript Tutorial - using setTimeout & setInterval

Simple Tutorial on How to set up Subversion
Subversion is an alternative open-source source control software
Visual Studio plugins that support SVN include Ankh and VisualSVN

Why Write Test Code?

Beautify your Blog's Code Samples with These Syntax Highlighters

XML Notepad
View an XML file in treeview / value format (no tags to confuse layman users)
Also handy for creating template xml files

DataBinding an Enum with Descriptions
Handy article on binding Enums as datasource to controls. Includes .NET 3.5 extension method use

101 Tools for conversion
List of conversion tools to convert files from one format to another (media / documents / images etc.)

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