Monday, June 23, 2008

Daily Links 23/06/2008

DockPanel Suite
Create dockable windows for your winforms applications ala Visual Studio

Microsoft to take Silverlight offline eventually, says exec

Nice summary on the features of Resharper
(scratching the surface mind you :) )

Software Development and Programming Podcasts

How to get up to speed with Team Foundation Server

SCRUM and Agile Programming using Continuous Build System
brief summary on what's involved doing a SCRUM sprint.

10 reasons why SQL Server 2008 is going to rock
1) is reason enough - intellisense! :)

TFS Code Review tip
tip on viewing (and doing the review on) only the changes made to a file since last check-in

What, the first computer programmer was a woman?!
...and developer of the first compiler...a woman all us geeky guys owe the fairer sex a little more than we thought :)

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