Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daily Links 21/08/2008

Visual Thesaurus - Mindware
Expand your vocab for your writing

Continuous Integration and Testing silverlight applications with WatiN
Wrap microsoft's silverlight test framework using the silverlight nunit framework and WatiN to enable CI

WPF Datagrid & the WPF Toolkit
Great resource for WPF controls

Silverlight 2 Samples: Dragging, docking, expanding panels (Part 2)

Silverlight 2 messagebox example

Silverlight blog
mostly to do with the graphical side of silverlight

Pushing data to a silverlight client with sockets
as apposed to using WCF duplex services which is basically a wrapper for a polling mechanism.

Scrum - A Not-so-bad Development Methodology
Some positive experiences using the scrum software development methodology

Testing a singleton
One of the main gripes against singletons by the TDD zealots is that they're aren't very testable. These articles offer some work-arounds to enable singleton testing.

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