Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daily Links 18/11/2008

Use styles for an editable silverlight combobox

AutoCompleteBox control / Worker Threads

Silverlight Glass Button

Combining different seperated presentation patterns
I think in "real-world" development this is a necessity.

Update on Silverlight 2 - and a glimpse of Silverlight 3

NUnit for Compact Framework, Mono, embedded projects etc.
Was looking for something to run NUnit tests on my compact framework stuff, and this seemed to be the best solution available.

JetBrains Has Released IntelliJ IDEA 8
"Includes SQL, new refactorings, inspections, UML diagrams, JBoss Seam, better performance and more."
I work mostly in the .NET space these days, but my brief stint into the Java world taught me there is no better IDE for Java than IntelliJ

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