Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Links 13/07/2009

Silverlight 3 RTW Released

Silverlight RIA Services July Preview
now with go-live licence

Silverlight Toolkit July Release

Pushing Data From the Server to Silverlight 3 using a Duplex Wcf Service

20 Most Interesting Silverlight Tutorials

Silverlight 3 Polling Duplex Chat and Realtime Stock Updates

Creating a ComboBox Style AutoCompleteBox Control in Silverlight

EntitySpaces, Silverlight, and WCF a Fantastic Combination

Everything search
Search files and folders on your NTFS files instantly. It's not an indexing service, so it won't hog your resource like Google Desktop / Windows Search. From the forum: "When I read about it in PCWorld, I thought it might be worth a look. When I saw that it did wildcards (and was portable!), I figured it was definitely worth a try. When I read that it did REGULAR EXPRESSIONS I was certain I wanted it. And when it indexed all my huge volumes in a couple seconds, I nearly had a stroke"

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