Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily Links 25/08/2010

WP7: Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Final - 16 Sep

Windows Phone and the Cloud--an Introduction

XNA WP7 getting started

Using self tracking entities with Silverlight 4 and Entity Framework 4

The ThreadPool is dead
Commentary on the parallel framework on codeplex.

Removing Event Handlers using Reflection

Introducing Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch
Rapid Application Developement framework for Visual Studio

An effective testing strategy
"If an application is critical to business, it’s going to require change. If it’s going to require change, we better be able to safely change it without affecting our client’s business."

Speeding up Visual Studio Build Times and Performance

Backing up and Restoring your TFS Server
PowerTool to make things just a tad easier :P

WikiPlex 1.4 Released
"WikiPlex is a regular expression based wiki engine that allows developers to integrate a wiki experience into an existing .NET application seamlessly and with little effort"

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