Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily Links 06 Feb 2012

Testing Windows Phone Apps

Using AdMob for Windows Phone 7

Phone Core Framework
 - Navigation engine which simplifies navigation between pages
 - Dependency injection container which helps you to create lously coupled application
 - Configuration subsystem which allows you to manage workflow without rebuilding of an application
 - Tracing engine which allows to do postmortem analysis or analyze workflow/performance
 - Bootstrapping engine with plugin architecture
 - Primitive types: Lazy, Tuple

jQuery UI vs Kendo UI

Enabling SSL for a WCF Service

Hazards of Converting Binary Data To A String

Memory Profiling for Application Performance

Event Handler Memory Leaks, Unwiring Events, and the WeakEventManager in WPF 4.5

Entity Framework vs. LightSpeed

Windows Phone Resources

Windows 8 touch interactions

Bing maps data bound pushpins fade-in animation

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