Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Links 28/02/2008

Downgrade a VS 2008 .sln or .csproj to VS 2005

Hosting options in WCF
Host your web service in IIS, a windows service, a managed application, or WAS (Windows Process Activation Service)

an old article I found helpful on how it initialise hosted WCF Services
... I was quite surprised at the lack of documentation out there for this kind of behaviour, since twice now I've developed services, and both times required initialisation mechanisms.

.NET 3.5 Brings Major (Undocumented) Changes to ThreadPool
plus a follow up post

(Links) - Silverlight 2/WPF Tutorials
The silverlight tutorials are the same ones that I mentioned previously (from ScottGu's blog)

MSDN Reader application
"The MSDN Reader allows you to browse through MSDN Magazine articles like never before. Read through articles, view figures and code snippets in an intuitive and easy-to-use experience." Source code is also available

LINQ to SQL In Disconnected/N-Tier scenarios: Saving an Object
There is a link to other LinQ to SQL tutorials in the comments

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daily Links 18/02/2008

Import CSV file into SQL Server using Bulk Insert

WorkFlow Foundation Tutorial Series

Cool new WPF application: Cayra Mindmapping tool Free

Capturing the Screen Contents in .NET 2.0
"When supporting installed software, descriptions of problems can be enhanced greatly by viewing the contents of the user's screen. In this article we will explore how to perform a screen grab and display the captured image in a Windows Forms application"

Top 10 Best Practices for Production ASP.NET Applications

CRUD operations in Silverlight using ADO.NET Data Services

Flavors of the Decorator Pattern

While trying to find out how to add condition compilation symbols for our ASP.NET 2.0 project so that FxCop can pick up suppressed rule messages, I found this link

Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Links 11/02/2008

TDD for Beginners Series
for those of us who keep meaning to get into TDD and would like a simple place to start

C# Sorting evolution
Illustrates the improvements of C# from 1.0 - 3.0 using sorting as an example.

Calculate the distance between 2 geoCodes (lat / long) in C# / Javascript

Visual Studio 2005 Addins for NAnt and NUnit

ShortGuid - a shorter and URL friendly Guid class in C#

Latest Link List from Scott Gu

Secured Subversion on Windows
using SSH withouth having to install Apache

I recently got locked out of my SQL 2005 using the sa account: to fix this, login using windows authentication, and run this query: "ALTER LOGIN sa WITH PASSWORD = 'yourPassword' UNLOCK"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Daily Links 01/02/2008

The "Boo" Open-source langauge
"Boo is an object oriented, statically typed language for the common language runtime with a Python inspired syntax and focused on language and compiler extensibility."

ASP.NET MVC Links Collection
Links to help get you started in understanding ASP.NET MVC

VS 2008 Web Deployment Project Support Released

ADO.NET Data Service (Astoria) in plain English

LinQPad (free)
The "SQL Query Tool" for LinQ - support SQL / Objects / XML etc
Great way to get to learn the qurey language. Also ships with over 200 examples from the "C# in a Nutshell" book from Albahari

10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets