Saturday, May 28, 2011

Windows Phone: Detecting Internet Connection

There are a few posts out there that explain using the Silverlight API to detect networks and connections. Some simple, and some a little more complete.
None of them really suited what I needed, which was a simple class that I could bind a UI element to, that would reflect the internet connectivity.

So I spent a few minutes writing a class of my own, using the knowledge gained from the articles above:
1) Must have a property that fired a property changed event: IsConnectedToInternet
2) This property must be updated on the UI thread, so as not to cause cross thread access error
3) Connection status needed to be polled, in order for property to be updated.
4) Singleton Pattern for ease of use.

Here’s the code if anyone’s interested:

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silverlight–Disable ListBox Selection

After some searching, the following seems to be the simplest solution:
Disable Selection of a ListBoxItem with this style:

Apply the style to the ListBox – like so:


Monday, May 23, 2011

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Za Developers - getting a WP7 device

I've been developing a WP7 application since the tools were released, and with the news that the marketplace is coming to South Africa, I thought it was time to get a device.
The best contract that I could find was a deal from 8ta:
R230 p/m
HTC Mozart (imo the best WP7 device currently available from a network)
90 mins any network
230 mins 8ta and landlines
25 MB Data

Unfortunately my current contract was only up for cancellation in October, and I really don't have that much patience, so I wondered over to expansys and bought a LG Optimus E900 for just under R3000 - I've seen it priced for as low as R2300 (the other WP7 devices were selling for just over 6G's)
The above mentioned 8ta contract can also be bought without a device with R2800 gift voucher, so it was a no-brainer.

I don't think the LG is available from a local network, but if you're willing to ignore the plain TFT screen, it has great features like 16Gig storage and 1500Ma battery.