Friday, August 18, 2017

Xamarin Forms: Floating Label Entry View Control

Following on from some of my other posts on tweaking some controls for xamarin forms (like the ToolbarItem and GridView), I thought it would be handy to implement something along the lines of the floating label pattern as outlined here by Brad Frost.
Here’s a look at the output on Android, iOS and Windows:
Don’t get confused: there are labels on the UI to output the binding that the entry controls have – download the code and run the samples.
The idea was to have a single control that contained both the label and entry (the placeholder animates out into the label when text replaces the placeholder value)
Here’s what using the xaml looks like:
As per usual, you can check out all the source code here
In the future I hope to add some things like validation support. Other options are also perhaps some of the nifty image support that was recently posted by Charlin here
Happy Coding!

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