Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Links 19/03/2009

Silverlight 3 out to play
Silverlight 3 links
DataForm Control
Out of Browse Experience
Overview: .NET RIA Services
I think this is where Silverlight starts to differentiate itself from the competition - RIA LOB application development.
WPF has just become the ugly cousin :)

Silverlight 3 for business applications - video

Moq 3.0 RTM!!!
Now with Silverlight support

Modal Window in Silverlight

Silverlight ReaderWriterLock Implementation

Visibility pattern in Silverlight

Mirroring Subversion from Windows

Free WPF DataGrids
XCeed WPF DataGrid
Seems to be the most popular free datagrid offering. Requires registration and download of express edition requiring a licence key.
Microsoft WPF Toolkit includes a datagrid.
The toolkit currently has over 12000 downloads, so by codeproject standards, it's quite popular too.
Seems the xceed version has grouping capability, which the microsoft version does not.

Reflection: Dodge Common Performance Pitfalls to Craft Speedy Applications

The Computer Performance Shell Game

Sunday, March 8, 2009