Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Links - 30/04/2009

Silverlight 3 - Simple "Flip Control" built on PlaneProjection

Silverlight 3 - Simple Control for Online/Offline

Silverlight Count Down Control - Your days are counted

Silverlight out-of-browser apps: Local Data Store
Comprehensive article on storing data to the client file system

Creating Rich Data Forms in Silverlight 3 - Introduction

Construct domain models faster than ever before!
ORM I am seriously considering for my home project. A little birdy told me there is some sweet silverlight support coming in their next release which is due shortly.
The big win for me is the Domain Driven Design which they follow in the article highlighted above, added to this Mindscape's "convention over configuration" development approach, and excellent price entry point (which is esp important for developers like me working at home on a tight budget)

Getting your Func along with your Action on

All Your Repositories Are Belong To Us
Discussion on Repository vs Command Query Seperation (CQS) Patterns

RefCard for Scrum
Handy summary of the scrum process

Agile Adoption - decreasing time to market

"generates various tables and charts describing the project development"

Shelving Subversion
Would be nice if this mechanism was more actively supported by the SVN toolsets. I want my "Shelve" and "Preserve Pending Changes" button and checkbox in Ankh!

Getting up and Running Quickly with ScrewTurn Wiki & SQL Server