Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Links 10 Oct 2012

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Windows Phone StandardTileData.BackContent

… just a quick heads up if you get an error that looks something like this when creating a pinned tile for windows phone:
The serialized property BackContent is too long
at Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ShellTileData.SerializeToToken(IToken token)
at Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ShellTile.Create(Uri navigationUri, ShellTileData initialData)

The issue is that the BackContent property is set to a string with more than 500 characters.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Windows Phone App–Kwik List

- please consider posting a review for Kwik List on the marketplace in return.

Kwik List: The simplest, easiest and quickest way to remember things on your windows phone.
Kwik List allows you to make tasks and notes, tag them as lists and share them in a simple easy way on your windows phone.

- Maintain List Items
- Tag List Items
- Set Reminders 
- Save Items as tasks or notes
- View Calendar Entries
- Email contacts from calendar entries
- Email or Text tag list or individual items
- Pin item or tag list to the phone menu
- Live Tile Updates
- Filter list items you want to see
- Add multiple items at once via KwikList
- Dark and Light Theme support
- Create custom theme colors

Wibcisoft Kwik List

Screenshot1  screenshot2  screenshot3

screenshot4  screenshot5  screenshot6

screenshot7  screenshot8