Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Links 30/01/2008

DbLinQ Project Linq provider for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

ADO.NET provider for MYSQL

A bunch of handy links from ScottGu
Covers Asp.NET, AJAX, VS, Unmanaged code interop, and the new Web Deployment Tool

Expectation based testing with Mocks

HowTo: Subsonic Introduction
Subsonic is the latest flavour of ORM - check it out (author has since become and employee of M$ and also works on ASP.NET MVC - I'll let you decide if that's a good or bad thing)

Google Charts in .Net
How to use the free Google Chart API from .NET

Source Control and Continuous Integration on the Cheap
SVN source Control + JetBrains Team City CI in under 3 hours

Implementing a singleton WCF service
Details on using WCF service behaviour properties

Volta - the future of web development in .NET?
Interview with Didier Girard (GWT Guru) on Volta
Erik Meijer on Volta

Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Links 25/01/2008

Understanding Single Sign-On in ASP.NET 2.0
"Masoud discusses the concept of Cross Application Authentication using ASP.NET authentication model consisting of Membership Providers, web.config configuration, encryption, and decryption of configuration files. At the end of the article he also examines the application of the concept using ASP.NET login controls."

Migrating Web Applications between VS 2005 & 2008

How to Write a Provider Model
"In this article Keyvan teaches you how to write your own data provider for .NET applications using the provider model."

.NET 3.5 Feature: AddIn Framework ( Part 1 of 3 )
"add extensibility to your application using add-ins, also known as plug-in" using .NET 3.5

Free Utility: Web.Config Editor with a great UI

.NET Graphical Resources
anyone know of free XAML icons (SVG) ... post a comment with a link

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daily Links 23/01/2008

Free Professional Diff Tool from SourceGear

Attach to Asp.NET process with keyboard shortcut (custom VS macro)

ASP.NET web service tips - documentation
How to add custom help pages to your web services

.NET Framework Library Source Code now available

Debug into .NET framework source code :)

Visual Studio 2008 Multi-threaded debugging feature
Keep track of which thread is running what code in the IDE - neat

Rhino Mocks Hello World
very simple quick-start for using Rhino Mocks (framework for loading mock business objects into your unit tests)

Subsonic and MVC: Introducing Makai

Best C# web sites

WCF Communication Options in the .NET Framework 3.5

I recently struggled a bit with getting my silverlight application to resize with the
browser using the following hook in C# code:
BrowserHost.Resize += new EventHandler(BrowserHost_Resize);
(placed in the Page_Loaded event handler of the main page.xaml)
The event just wouldn't fire when the browser resized :|
...until I discovered that you need to change the auto-generated
TestPage.html properties to the following: (specify percentages instead of pixel size)

.silverlightHost { width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daily Links 16/01/2008

Wanted a C# MD5 encryption class for my Silverlight app (Silverlight doesn't include the .NET framework MD5 class)- here's a sample I found

C# Line Counter
"simple GUI-based file line counter for C# that took into consideration comments and empty lines"

Subsonic 2.1 Preview
Includes funky new query tool

Add or remove the www subdomain with an ASP.NET application

Making session state type-safe using generics

Creating custom LINQ provider using LinqExtender

Model View Presenter using Dependency Injection and Threading support

WCF Implementation of Publisher/Subscriber Model

Caching for SubSonic
Small helper class to add caching of objects using subsonic

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daily Links 09/01/2008

ASP.NET Google Map Control

I recently came across an article that said this: "XAML does not support Generic types", so I went a-hunting on the subject (since dropping generics from code feels like devolving), and here's what I came across:
Limited generics support in XAML
Supporting Generics in XAML

Lucascan's top 5 tips for a healthy ASP.NET application
"These tips are reasonably well-known and have been blogged by others. However, considering how often I come across these common “mistakes”, I felt yet another blog post was worthwhile"

ANTS Profiler
line-level performance feedback of your C# code
If anyone is using this, please provide feedback in the comments (or use an excellent alternative)
A free add-in for Visual Studio from the same company

Free pdf .NET library
library for generating pdf docs / sending output to printer from .NET code

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daily Links 08/01/2008

Calling WCF Services from Silverlight
IMO it's better to see what SL 2.0 has to offer than to go through all this trouble. If you really want to use your WCF services with silverlight, I suggest accessing the silverlight services through a proxy service (which has the Json endpoints) - that way you don't need to phaf with your WCF services, and you get around the cross-domain issues of SL 1.1
See my previous posts for solving the cross-domain Service issue with SL 1.1

Recently my Control+Arrow (Ctrl+Arrow) keys refused to work in Visual Studio - here's the fix I found.

My desktop wallpaper kept on disappearing after reboot on my Vista machine.
Here's the windows hotfix

MSSQL Database Publishing Wizard
Deploy MS SQL databases easy with this tool - auto generates scripts with structures and content

WYSIWYG Editor for HTML docs. Handy for editing wiki pages

A coder's guide to coffee
apparently instant coffee just isn't the same after you've brewed your own from fresh just-roasted beans.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Daily Links 05/01/2008

LINQ let Keyword

SQL Server Indexes: The Basics

XNA 2.0 Released (Latest version of Visual Studio's gaming engine for XBOX 360)
"2.0 version contains improved performance along with new features such as expanded support for Visual Studio 2005 products, networking and multiplayer support, the XNA Game Studio Device Center, easier Xbox 360 connectivity, improved content pipeline experience, and much more."

Skype coming to PSP

Looking for a fun tutorial for learning Silverlight 1.1 (2.0)
Check this out

Debugging Silverlight 1.1 Alpha with Vs 2008
Some help for debugging silverlight

Improve your windows mobile UI
(It's freeeeeee!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Daily Links 05/12/2007

SQL Server 2005 / 2008 system tray icon application
Looks and acts the same as the service manager for MSDE 2000
Can't fathom why M$ did away with this functionality??

I've been looking into Silverlight 2.0 development of late, and discovered that the UI Controls can be XAML files, which you can code against using Silverlight managed code. So I googled XAML Controls, and find this interesting link. Of I don't think that all of them are currently available to Silverlight, but I'm hoping they will be eventually.

WPF Control Library (.NET 3.5)

Daily Links 04/12/2007

.NET Framework detection sample code

Top 10 reasons why NOT to buy Visual Studio 2008

Tricks to increase SQL Server query performance

Golden Rule of Web Caching

SQL Server 2008 will have IntelliSense

AjaxDataControls GridView Part One

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and Web Deployment Project Releases for VS 2008