Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Daily Links - 10/9/2007

Gaphor - Free UML modeling tool
Supports UML 2.0 standard

Overview - ASP.NET 3.5

Is JSON just for AJAX?

10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications

One Shell Command to delete all svn hidden folders

Determining when last a Stored Proc has been altered (SQL Server)

comparison of M$ Ajax and Gaia Web Widgets Framework
This article specifically compares data across the wire for an AJAX operation.

Free windows forms component library - Krypton Toolkit
Seems to have a number of office UI laf components. Does seem to be a bit of a plug for their commercial components though.

Making Windows Forms thread safe
Link 1
Link 2
In order to make windows forms have a responsive UI when implementing process code, you need to execute the code on a separate thread. These articles deal with updating the UI from a different thread.

The .NET answer to Google's GWT - Open source AJAX framework extending WinForms over ASP.NET
Not really comparable to GWT - since GWT operates with client-side javascript, and
VWG is server-side Ajax, but anyway - that's what the title says.
VWG seems to implement a different kind of Ajax to the other Ajax framework implementations - server-side Ajax for web UI
Check out an article on it here
...and here's an article on creating your first VWG application

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