Friday, March 7, 2008

Daily Links 07/03/2008

Three levels of extension methods

Old Extension Methods post from ScottGu
I particularly liked the ".In()" extension method for objects

wake up mobile device
I've been struggling to find code that will "wake up" my mobile device (ie: turn on the screen). This is the closest thing to working code I've found so far.

Some upcoming silverlight tutorials from Jesse Liberty

Microsoft, Nokia to port Silverlight to Symbian phones
Now your phone doesn't have to be a Window's Mobile device to develop for it!

All the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 download links you'll need

MSDN Forums
It seems quite active on getting solutions to your .NET development problems.

Determine if the type of object derives from (is a subclass of) a specific base type:
if (objInstance.GetType().IsSubclassOf(typeof(BaseClassType))) {}
as apposed to
if (objInstance.GetType() == typeof(DerivedClassType))
- DerivedClassType must be exact type (false if a base type class)

Singleton Factory in C# all you have to do to make the class a singleton, is declare the contructor private, and use the factory to access an instance of it. Neat.

MIX 08 Sessions available on-line
Some handy Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC and WCF posts. Check it out. now.

Backup and Restore data from your Windows Mobile Device for free - PIM Backup Application
Was looking for something to backup my device before I upgrade from WM5 to 6. This seems to do what I needed (Backup contacts) and more.

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