Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daily Links 16/04/2008

xUnit RC3 Released
interesting UTF.
compare it to other UTFs
I really like the way it's implementation is more intuitive by using plain old classes with constructors and IDispose instead of tags. neat. simple.

XCopy media player (no installs) - has some issues playing AVI files with std players, this played them no problem.

Raising events using extension methods

Scott Guthrie April 11 Links

CRUD with Silverlight and N-Tier Architecture
Video blog showing simple change tracking over N-Tier architecture using LinQ and Silverlight

Share the config file between projects
The same methodology can be very powerful in sharing common source files between projects (eg: common server / silverlight client code logic, or common server / compact framework code logic) Obviously in this case the canonical version would have to reside in the subset framework.

Credit Card Validation - regular expressions

Using the "let" keyword to make LinQ queries more readable

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