Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daily Links 08/03/2009

Silverlight Unit Testing, RhinoMocks, Unity and Resharper.

SilverUnit - True unit testing for silverlight

Silverlight Spy
"provides detailed inspection of any Silverlight application."

How to "template" the Silverlight Calendar to behave like the Vista system calendar [Jason Cooke]

Silverlight UserControl Inheritance

Right-Clicking in Silverlight 2 -- A Refinement

Silverlight Drag Drop Manager
"allows you to easily implement drag and drop behaviour in your Silverlight projects by providing a DragSource & DropTarget control, which act as a content container and can contain any SL user control."

Silverlight: Windows 7 look-alike task bar buttons sample

Silverlight WCF Service Reference Usage Simplified
Deployment independent service references without having to change the config file.

two very promising WPF application frameworks on codeplex

Silverlight - Dispatcher, Cross-Thread Property Setting & Lambda Expressions

Creating a WPF / Silverlight Control With a Semi Transparent Background

Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight - Modularity

New AnkhSvn released
OpenSource Visual Studio SVN plugin that has improved greatly over the past year or two. Highly recommended.

Speed up your app by compressing WCF service responses

10 Papers Every Software Architect Should Read (At Least Twice)

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