Monday, May 23, 2011

Za Developers - getting a WP7 device

I've been developing a WP7 application since the tools were released, and with the news that the marketplace is coming to South Africa, I thought it was time to get a device.
The best contract that I could find was a deal from 8ta:
R230 p/m
HTC Mozart (imo the best WP7 device currently available from a network)
90 mins any network
230 mins 8ta and landlines
25 MB Data

Unfortunately my current contract was only up for cancellation in October, and I really don't have that much patience, so I wondered over to expansys and bought a LG Optimus E900 for just under R3000 - I've seen it priced for as low as R2300 (the other WP7 devices were selling for just over 6G's)
The above mentioned 8ta contract can also be bought without a device with R2800 gift voucher, so it was a no-brainer.

I don't think the LG is available from a local network, but if you're willing to ignore the plain TFT screen, it has great features like 16Gig storage and 1500Ma battery.

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