Monday, June 6, 2011

Daily Links 06/06/2011

Project Silk
"Project Silk provides guidance for building cross-browser web applications with a focus on client-side interactivity"

Project Silk Drop 10

"enables cross-platform portability of business logic and data access code, (Model + Controller), while supporting full, native and/or platform-specific presentation (Views). "

WP7 TombstoneHelper V2.0 released

Is your WP7 application ready for certification?

AgFx makes writing data-heavy Windows Phone applications child's play!

Task System in Windows Phone 7
Camera Capture Task
Email Address Chooser Task
MarketPlace Search Task
MarketPlace Hub Task
MediaPlayer Launcher
Phone Call Task
Phone Number Chooser Task
Photo Chooser Task
Search Task
SMS Compose Task
WebBrowser Task

Windows 8: HTML5 and AJAX/JavaScript == Modern UIs: HTML5, AJAX/JavaScript/jQuery

Yet Another Nail In Silverlight’s Coffin?

Windows 8 and the future of Silverlight

How to: Build a Duplex Service for a Silverlight Client

Fun and Headaches with Custom Duplex Bindings for your WCF Services

Scale-out of Silverlight HTTP polling duplex WCF service in a web farm scenario

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