Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Windows Phone 10-step Submission Checklist

I’ve started submitting apps to the windows phone marketplace, and put together a little checklist to go through when submitting.
Here it is in case some other developers out there find it useful: (Orange Italics are just comments on the checklist items)

  1. Test product to make sure that everything is functional Obviously the app has to work before you submit
    • test with previously serialized data-store Your users are going to have existing data that need to work with the new version of your app – make sure there aren’t any nasty serialization exceptions. Here’s a post on how to quickly backup and restore isolated storage data
    • run through VS Test kit - including automated memory tests
    • execute unit and integration tests assuming you’ve taken the time to write them
  2. Build App in release mode
    • Make sure that the version number has been incremented appropriately
  3. Make a backup of data-store to IsoStorage folder Each App has an isolated storage folder where I store a copy of the current build’s data store to test against for the next release
  4. Copy .xap to Submission Folder Each App has a Submission folder that contains all submission specific material
  5. Adjust necessary marketing material and copy to release folder Add new feature descriptions ; updated icons etc.
    • includes screenshots of new functionality ; new version description (spellcheck)
  6. Commit changes to Source Control with tag: "Submit version [Version#] to marketplace”
  7. Submit release to marketplace - freeze on all development for product
    1. Certification failure - fix and start @ 1)
    2. Certification Pass: Tag and branch source control with Product and Version Number
  8. Update App web page with new product information You do have an app web page right? Find a template here
  9. Market new release:
    • Update You Tube Demo video if UI changed significantly (or add feature videos)
    • Tweet new product details
    • Notify WP websites / social network publishers
    • Notify relevant community forums
  10. Start Developing next Awesome Features

Any developers out there have extra items – please leave suggestions in the comments….

Happy Coding Smile

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