Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Health Care Provider Booking Platform: Proof of Concept Cross Platform App using Xamarin and Syncfusion

So about a month ago, fueled by a conversation with a startup CEO, I decided to write a small app as a proof of concept for building an app that is cross platform, in a short period of time.

You can find the original Medium post here

Good stuff first: Demo Video Time :) 

You can find the source code on GitHub 

In there you'll find code for:

  • Using the geolocator plugin to find the current gps location. code
  • Launch the native device map with a location for directions. code
  • Store data in a sqlite repository. code
  • Schedule Picker control from syncfusion. code
  • Image Circle plugin. code
  • Some fade in animations on the login page. code
  • Syncfusion ListView control with swipe action templates. code
  • Share plugin to share content via registered apps like email and twitter. code
... and a bit more generic stuff like MVVM & Command pattern implementations ; navigation service ; dependency injection using Autofac etc.

Xamarin Forms really is a super productive, fully native and completely extensible option for cross platform mobile development :)

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