Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Handy Website Links

Below is a list of handy websites I use fairly frequently:

"The" search engine
Custom home page for the above. Very handy for maintaining/obtaining useful information
A collection of web articles of interest. Basically a summary of what is popular on the web
Daily Dilbert
Good humor relief for anyone who's stuck (or was) in the corporate world. There's a new strip for every day.
Homestar Runner
Entertaining cartoon - excellent for those days when you need a pick-me-up
It's fuhdwagads!!!
for all your currency conversion needs

Software Development:
Current posts of interest for general software development - mostly for the Java world, but other languages / subjects are also included
Current posts of interest for .NET specific topics.
Articles addressing more general enterprise software development trends
Planet Source Code
Great resource for "how-to"'s for source code for multiple languages
The Code Project
another great resource for "how-to" source code (.NET specific)
Resources For Geeks
Links for tools that come in handy for PC Geek activity

Cricket Info
All the current cricket info, including live scores
SA Rugby
Rugby news (specific to South Africa - go Bokke!)
PGA Golf
News and live scores for the PGA Tour
Golf Review
Community reviews of everything golf - I use it for equipment reviews
Another handy golf site for news / reviews

East Of The Web
If you're in need of short doses of reading - some good short stories to be found here. (Unfortunately they decommissioned their short-story community site IMO it was the best one available on the web)

Collective reviews for games on most systems. They collect reviews for other things like film / movies / books / tv / music as well.
bits bytes pixels & sprites
Cool blog with latest gaming news
Site for the latest news in the gaming industry

Movie Trailers
Download latest movie trailers
Database of all movies / actors with ratings / info etc.

Other Handy Website Links:
Handy Website Links - South Africa
Handy links specific to South Africa

Got any to add? Post a suggestion.

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