Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Thoughts - IBM has the best sales team in the world!

Thought this article was quite amusing:
Top five problems in IT business: Rational VP
...while in-and-of itself, it makes quite a bit of sense, the humor lies in the source.
I have recently had some run-ins with IBM development products (Rational Application Developer / Rational Software Architect/ Websphere Application Server), and found them to be probably the most unproductive development tools I have had the displeasure of using (and not because I was a Java newbie, or because I come from a M$ development background - many of my Java Developer colleagues feel the same).
Of particular interest, therefore, was point #3: "Skills Modernization" - since IBM Websphere Application Server still only supports Java 1.4 - and good luck getting any semblance of productivity out of it.
Needless to say this was not a very happy entry for me into the world of J2EE. We have since moved the development environment to JBoss and Eclipse. (I have also since dumped a very capable Eclipse for the l33t IntelliJ by Jetbrains.)
My conclusion as to why the big corporate I work for insists on using IBM toolsets - IBM have the best sales team in the world!

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