Monday, August 25, 2008

Daily Links 25/08/2008

Silverlight: Binding and Threading == Cat and Dog
"when a binding notification is raised from a separate thread than the Dispatcher thread, an exception is thrown" - article for a work-around to this problem

Auto-sizing the Silverlight DataGrid

Silverlight Particle Generator
posted just for the coolness (and that it was done is silverlight :) )
- with source code

CoolMenu: A Silverlight Menu Control
- with source code

Calling WCF on the server of origin from Silverlight
Handy for making the service valid for development and deployment environments

Base Classes for User Controls
I still prefer to make the UserControl a Resource build action and paste the generated code in the main class as a temparary measure - at least you get designer support, which is missing in the above work-around.

The windows mobile browser that supports silverlight :)

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