Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Links 26/07/2011

Novell/Xamarin Partnership around Mono

Windows Phone Developers Get New App Hub Features: Mango app submission just one month away

WP7 Dev Tips - Error Reporting

QR code scanning on Windows Phone 7.5 using ZXlib

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight

Showing the Onscreen Keyboard in Silverlight OOB Applications

Cross platform .NET mobile apps talk at NDC 2011

Smooth Streaming in Silverlight

Offline Silverlight Applications
Channel 9 Video
Great presentation / source code for patterns when developing offline capabilites for silverlight applications. When you consider the intrusion of tablets in the work-place, and the mobility they provide, this becomes increasingly necessary - particularly of LOB apps.

Branch by Abstraction (BBA)
An alternate "best practice" feature-based branching strategy

Speed up Visual Studio Builds

GPU.NET, a developer platform with it's own Compiler and Runtime to easily hardware-accelerate .NET solutions.

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