Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Daily Links - 03/10/2007

A Raw Serializer
Good article on serialization covering Binary, XML, Compression and Encryption of data streams

Surface computing hands-on article

"Utilities.NET is a collection of helper classes and components for quickly solving common .NET programming tasks."

Profiling .NET Applications
Tutorial on profiling .NET applications using ANTS

Subversion 1.5 features

Some articles on [Distributed] Caching:
Distributed Caching with Memcached
Domain Objects Caching Pattern for .NET
Web Caching Architectures: Hierarchical and Distributed Caching

Logitech vs M$ Bluetooth mouse comparision


JohnSchneider said...

The article on serialization is relatively dated. A newer, more efficient approach would be to use the emerging W3C standard for Efficient XML Interchange [1]. There are already very good commercial implementations for .NET [2] from the company that created the Efficient XML technology.


Jax said...


Thanks for bringing the Efficient XML Interchange standard to my attention - definitely something to keep an eye on for future development. From the brief reading I've done on your agiledelta site, it looks like you have a product that has a lot to offer software that is looking for efficient performance gains in across-the-wire operations. Definitely something I'll personally be looking into.