Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daily Links - 08/10/2007

Silverlight links

GOA Winforms for Silverlight and Flash development
Winforms controls for Silverlight development

SQL Server: Notify user of long running process
...also handy for keeping long processes alive in .NET

Cool UI Templating Technique to use with ASP.NET AJAX for non-UpdatePanel scenarios

More than 100 on-line web 2.0 generators

Super easy SQL Server 2005 Database Schema change auditing

Scott Guthrie announces ASP.NET MVC framework at Alt.Net Conf

How to debug web applications using Firebug

Working with DataReaders
Overview article on using DataReader for efficient data access.

ScaleOut Software (3rd party software)
Distributed caching for server farms

tangible FREE modeling tools for Visual Studio.NET
"With tangible modelling tools you can directly create Use Case Diagrams, Component Diagrams, State Charts, Class Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Persistent Object Models."
I would like to have seen sequence diagram integration

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