Friday, October 12, 2007

Golf: The Best Driver

Maybe the title should be "the best driver for me", but anyways - here's my opinion:

Overview of my game:
Fast swing speed (100+ mph)
High handicapper (tend to slice)

Like most beginners, when I started playing golf, I left the driver at home. I started out teeing with the a 5-iron, which got me a reliable 180 meters off the tee. I soon progressed to a few "driving" irons, which got me up to 200, followed by the 3 Wood.
Here follows my progression in drivers:

1) Ben Hogan CS-3 with draw spec - $140

It has a 420CC head, which is was a nice progression from the 3 Wood. Hitting the large over-sized Drivers was still a problem. It has a great high-quality Aldila shaft, and the draw brought the ball nicely back in play when opening the shoulders (which usually produced a slice or fade) Great club if you're on a tight budget.


After hitting a while with the Hogan, I started to do a little more research into the driving game, and found this site.
The top Driver according in 2006 was the Tour Edge Exotics, so naturally when the local pro shop had a special, I bought one.

2) Tour Edge Exotics - $499

9 Degree with stiff shaft. Wow. Added another 30 meters to my drives, though it's a little harder to get a draw action.

TheSandTrap Review

3) Nickent 4DX - $250

Haven't hit with this club yet (not available where I'm from), but it looks very promising. Same titanium make-up as the TE, but it has a draw spec model (ala CS-3)
Top of the rankings golftestusa 2007. It also looks like this club is a lot easier on the pocket than the other top-of-the-line clubs.


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