Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daily Links 09/01/2008

ASP.NET Google Map Control

I recently came across an article that said this: "XAML does not support Generic types", so I went a-hunting on the subject (since dropping generics from code feels like devolving), and here's what I came across:
Limited generics support in XAML
Supporting Generics in XAML

Lucascan's top 5 tips for a healthy ASP.NET application
"These tips are reasonably well-known and have been blogged by others. However, considering how often I come across these common “mistakes”, I felt yet another blog post was worthwhile"

ANTS Profiler
line-level performance feedback of your C# code
If anyone is using this, please provide feedback in the comments (or use an excellent alternative)
A free add-in for Visual Studio from the same company

Free pdf .NET library
library for generating pdf docs / sending output to printer from .NET code

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