Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daily Links 08/01/2008

Calling WCF Services from Silverlight
IMO it's better to see what SL 2.0 has to offer than to go through all this trouble. If you really want to use your WCF services with silverlight, I suggest accessing the silverlight services through a proxy service (which has the Json endpoints) - that way you don't need to phaf with your WCF services, and you get around the cross-domain issues of SL 1.1
See my previous posts for solving the cross-domain Service issue with SL 1.1

Recently my Control+Arrow (Ctrl+Arrow) keys refused to work in Visual Studio - here's the fix I found.

My desktop wallpaper kept on disappearing after reboot on my Vista machine.
Here's the windows hotfix

MSSQL Database Publishing Wizard
Deploy MS SQL databases easy with this tool - auto generates scripts with structures and content

WYSIWYG Editor for HTML docs. Handy for editing wiki pages

A coder's guide to coffee
apparently instant coffee just isn't the same after you've brewed your own from fresh just-roasted beans.

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