Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Links 30/01/2008

DbLinQ Project Linq provider for MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

ADO.NET provider for MYSQL

A bunch of handy links from ScottGu
Covers Asp.NET, AJAX, VS, Unmanaged code interop, and the new Web Deployment Tool

Expectation based testing with Mocks

HowTo: Subsonic Introduction
Subsonic is the latest flavour of ORM - check it out (author has since become and employee of M$ and also works on ASP.NET MVC - I'll let you decide if that's a good or bad thing)

Google Charts in .Net
How to use the free Google Chart API from .NET

Source Control and Continuous Integration on the Cheap
SVN source Control + JetBrains Team City CI in under 3 hours

Implementing a singleton WCF service
Details on using WCF service behaviour properties

Volta - the future of web development in .NET?
Interview with Didier Girard (GWT Guru) on Volta
Erik Meijer on Volta

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