Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Links 25/01/2008

Understanding Single Sign-On in ASP.NET 2.0
"Masoud discusses the concept of Cross Application Authentication using ASP.NET authentication model consisting of Membership Providers, web.config configuration, encryption, and decryption of configuration files. At the end of the article he also examines the application of the concept using ASP.NET login controls."

Migrating Web Applications between VS 2005 & 2008

How to Write a Provider Model
"In this article Keyvan teaches you how to write your own data provider for .NET applications using the provider model."

.NET 3.5 Feature: AddIn Framework ( Part 1 of 3 )
"add extensibility to your application using add-ins, also known as plug-in" using .NET 3.5

Free Utility: Web.Config Editor with a great UI

.NET Graphical Resources
anyone know of free XAML icons (SVG) ... post a comment with a link

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