Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily Links 02/06/2008

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programmer's bill of rights
old post, but still relevant

Announcing the release of Microsoft Source Analysis for C#
"his tool is known internally within Microsoft as StyleCop, and has been used for many years now to help teams enforce a common set of best practices for layout, readability, maintainability, and documentation of C# source code"
although if you have Resharper, you already have access to all of this functionality
HowTo: Configure Microsoft Source Analysis

Resharper was moaning at me for declaring a loop scope variable before the loop (old C++ practice), so I hunted around as to why (doesn't declaring a variable inside a loop impact performance?)
Found this article: basically, declared inside or out, the same IL is generated under the hood (because variables are passed in the method header) - so it's better to declare inside the loop, for readability and scope reasons.

SQL Server Programming Hacks

Silverlight links post

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