Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daily Links 10/06/2008

Synch google calendar with outlook
$30 / year price tag :|

Upgrading to Silverlight Tools Beta 2 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta

Fixes for Silverlight 2 Beta 2 install / Visual Studio hassles

DocProject 1.11.0 RC
Works with SandCastle May Release (when it gets released)

MSDN Code Gallery
Handy for keeping up to date with code / utilities available for M$ software development products

Good article on using mock objects in unit testing

Auto-generate xml documentation in C# code based on method name and paramters via a short-cut key. What I found really nice was that if you change the parameters / names etc., and press the short-cut key, it automatically corrects the xml documentation above the method definition. It also allows you to add custom rules to make the generation more intelligent.
Use this in conjunction with DocProject & Sandcastle, and you have a comprhensive code documentation system that has minimal impact on the productivity of the development team :)

I've come across some justifying leaving debug="true" in their asp.net web.config files for detail error message reasons. Here's why you shouldn't

Mobile Phone: XML Contacts Backup
"Useful for export, modify and re-import mass contacts files. XML Contacts Backup has nice interface very friendly and easy to use. It's always good to have your contacts backed up, why not in XML format for better accessibility and editing"

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