Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Links 27/06/2008

TDD : Introduction to Moq
The new mock framework on the block

More recommendations for the .NET Developer's toolbox

If you like playing with design tools - check this out: Design Pattern Automation Toolkit
"A toolkit to design applications using design patterns, with facility to generate code, and reverse engineering. Drag and Drop facility to create UML Class diagrams Support to write custom plug-ins for code generators and reverse engineering."

I've got a generic method that converts datasets to objects, and ran into a problem whereby the dataSet (not under my control) neglected to set the field to the correct dataType. So I now have to convert the field to the correct type using reflection. Here's the code:
property.SetValue(target, Convert.ChangeType(row[column], property.PropertyType), null);
where property is PropertyInfo retrieved from the object using type.GetProperties(), row = DataRow, and column = DataColumn

I've got a WCF Service library in one of my projects, but I was already hosting the services in a web project, so when I run the application, the usual VS Casini Server would pop up in the taskbar, but I noticed a "new" WcfSvcHost running as well. Now this is handy for when you don't have your own host up and running yet, but a bit irritating when you do. Apparently in VS SP1 you'll be able to switch it off, or you could hack the project file if you just can't wait for the SP1 release. Or you could get the SP1 Beta release in the meantime

30 electric cars companies ready to take over the road
With the ever-increasing fuel price, it's time to start some alternative shopping

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