Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Links 20/06/2008

DevExpress has released Beta 1 of it's FREE Silverlight DataGrid
* Data Grouping against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
* Data Sorting against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
* Comprehensive Summary Computation support against multiple Silverlight Grid columns
* Column Movement
* Column Resizing
* Column Auto-Width
* Row Editing
* Row Preview (with animation)
* Template Support (for cell content, cell editing, row preview and headers)
* Auto Height Support for cells, headers, and totals.
* Virtual StackPanel Row Container (simply means we are able to handle an unlimited number of rows)
* Focused Row and Focused Cell
* Multi-Row Selection
* Cell Text Wrapping
* Vertical/Horizontal Lines
* Multiple column types/editors
The Source code is also available.

CLR Fun Stuff: How is my C# code converted into machine instructions?

We Don't Need No Architects
Making a case for the software architect

To JSON or not to JSON?
A comparitive performance look at Json Serialization vs standard xml serialization using WCF 3.5

ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight using Behaviors

Silverlight wallpaper
...for all the silverlight geeks out there

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