Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily Links 07/07/2008

How to display a dataset in a silverlight dataGrid
really handy stuff for those who were used to exposing datasets (which are not available in silverlight) to the UI.

Batching WCF calls
...what was also cool in this article was the code snippet to generically build a list of knownTypes on the base service interface

LINQ Farm: Lambdas
"Lambdas are a simple technology with an intimidating name. They sound like they are going to be difficult to understand, but in practice prove to be relatively trivial."

Ordering Code Construction Tasks
Excellent article on general strategies to follow when embarking on a new project.

Extension Methods + Attributes = A Whole New World!
The article title is a bit over-zealous, but the content is interesting non-the-less.

Getting Things Done with TodoList
Software that will maintain your tasks: everything from a simple todo list, to complicated task dependancy projection (ala M$ Project)

New to NUnit 2.5 - Generic Test Fixtures
Use the same code to test classes of a base type, or that share a common interface

Building classes at runtime using TypeBuilder
"TypeBuilder provides a set of routines that are used to define classes, add methods and fields, and create the class inside the runtime"
There are some security concerns if you're going to attempt this on a silverlight client
see here for a sample silverlight implementation

Fun with Continuous-Integration. Introducing: BILTONS
Customize the sounds that CC.NET makes when passes / fails per author.

StudioTools for Visual Studio
Some FREE plugin tools for VS, including Code Metrics, Smart Go-TO, Open File by Name, Tear-Off Editor Window, Incremental Search, and File Explorer
The same company also has a handy MSTest NUnit adapter
Microsoft Team System NUnit Adapter

Investing in a Quality Programming Chair
One of developer "must-haves"

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