Friday, July 25, 2008

Daily Links 25/07/2008

Lutz Roeder has some pretty handy .NET utility applications
...the most popular being the .NET reflector for inspecting the contents of .NET assemblies (reverse engineering them to code again)

New Silverlight Learn page
much improved/organised learning resource/links for Silverlight 2

Using a DSL to create a fluent interface for unit testing your domain model
English: Create object builders with Domain Specific Language methods in order to provide mock objects with specific data to your unit tests. Highly recommended for TDD.

Table variables v temporary tables in SQL Server
Handy article on the difference between table variables and temporary tables in SQL Server. Both are very handy in optimising your database transactions.

10 Principles of Agile Project Time Management

Managing an Agile Software Project

Example Product Backlog & Sprint Backlog

Unit Test Boundaries
What makes good / defines unit tests? Highlights that they really should be separated from integration tests (which include DAL "unit" tests)

WPF Tutorial - Using MultiBindings

WPF Links - 21 July 2008

Free books on Version Control with SVN

Comparing Objects For Equality in .NET

Arrange Act Assert and BDD specifications
New RhinoMocks 3.5 syntax making AAA (Arrange / Act / Assert) testing pattern more clear and discernible.

.Net Threads - 10 Best Practices

Google WebMaster Tools (free)
" - Automatically inform Google when you update your pages
- Discover your links and see how users are reaching your site
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