Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daily Links 09/07/2008

UI Automation of a Silverlight Custom Control
"Silverlight supports UI Automation through a tree of peer automation objects that parallels the tree of user interface elements."

You should learn sharepoint
In job ads, I'm increasingly seeing adverts for MOSS developer skills - maybe something to consider in your skills development plan.

Telerik RadEditor
Nice WYSIWYG Editor you can use to replace the cr@ppy one that comes with Sharepoint (MOSS)
Apparently the full-featured one is really cool, but you're going to have to fork out $799 for it (worth it if you're running an enterprise MOSS environment)

User Story Estimation Techniques
Excellent article on estimation techniques (or do's and don'ts) of scrum sprint estimation

ScrumForTeamSystem has just released a BETA of TaskBoard
"interactive desktop utility that interfaces with Team Foundation Server projects created from version 2 of the Scrum for Team System process template. It enables you and your team to easily interact with the project work items without the need to run quires and navigate the Team Explorer user interface"
"Sprint backlog tasks can be dragged and dropped from one state to another, team member assignment and work remaining adjustments can be made via context menu manipulation. Activity logging is greatly reduced to give you more time to work on what’s important, the project!"
Looks like it makes scrum administration a breeze - essential for team member motivation and adoption of the scrum methodologies.

Visual Studio Command Shell
"provides users with a shell window inside the Visual Studio IDE that can be used for Visual Studio commands as well. Current version allows user to use either Windows Command Shell (cmd.exe) or Windows PowerShell"

Blog Editors of note:
some nice advertisement add-in functionality that support multiple on-line advert suppliers
Windows Live Writer
Probably best if you have a Live Spaces blog (although it will work with other blog sites)

PicLens Firefox plugin
quick and easy image / video search with cool GUI via firefox browser

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