Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily Links 02/07/2008

Silverlight Desktop
"A framework that allows you to dynamically load Silverlight modules into resizable draggable windows."

Silverlight 2 reference poster

Query Controls using LinQ

Scale Databases Cheaply - Sharding

How to implement SCRUM in 10 easy steps

Disadvantages of Agile Software development
Basically agile is an intense process requiring a high level commitment from everyone involved, without which it will most likely fail and lead to those "agile didn't work for us" comments.

Writing Good User Stories
"User Stories are a simple way of capturing user requirements throughout a project - an alternative to writing lengthy requirements specifications all up-front."

State Machines in C# 3.0 using T4 Templates
Some interesting code making use of partial methods and classes to implement a state machine

Free chat program which includes video conferencing features

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